Angel Valley - Philosophy

Four Essential Principles in Creation

  • I Exist
  • The One is All and the All are One
  • What I put out is what I get back
  • Change is the only constant, except for the first three principles,
    which never change


We See A New Reality World of

  • Heaven and Earth Uniting in the Hearts of All Beings
  • Clear Communication with Our Higher Self
  • Conscious Interactions with Beings of Light from All Worlds
  • Unconditional Love Expressed and Experienced by All
  • Honoring that All Truths & Perspectives are True for the People who hold them
  • Abundance Being Consciously Exchanged and Enjoyed By All
  • Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability Lived by All


We give our Vision and Philosophy Expression by

  • Being Our True Natural Self
  • Following Our Highest Excitement
  • Making Friends with the Unknown
  • Living in the NOW Moment with Spontaneity and Synchronicity
  • Creating and Presenting Programs, Services, Activities and Products


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