Michael and Amayra Hamilton have co-authored this book. They each have had their own way of dealing with what happened on October 8, 2009 and each of them approaches the incident from different angles.

Amayra’s approach is hands-on. It is her desire to make you feel the occurrences. Through her story she guides you to deeper understandings and broader perspectives.

Michael’s approach is more philosophical, exemplified by stories out of his life. He shares his searching for what is essential in his life and the main tools he uses to be true and authentic.


Amayra Groot Hamilton grew up in The Netherlands. She was a high school teacher for 20 years and spent 8 delightful years in the Caribbean. She has been on an aware spiritual path for thirty years. In 1997 she moved to the United States, after she and Michael had met two years before. She and Michael fell in love with the place they named Angel Valley Sedona. In the past ten years she has done sessions with guests, was involved in building the facility, has her managing duties, loves creating beauty and the arts, and… wrote this book.

Michael Hamilton, originally from Pennsylvania, spent the first part of his life in construction and real estate.  After his divorce he stepped away from the corporate world and took a three-year sabbatical, while studying and living spiritual / metaphysical principles. Since 1996, when he moved to Sedona, he has been teaching the principles he learned, while in the meantime founding and building 2 retreat centers, first Michael’s Vision, then Angel Valley Sedona. It is his passion to guide and counsel about passion, excitement, self-empowerment and core beliefs.

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