Why a Book?

We, Michael and Amayra Hamilton, have felt the urge to speak our truth and to share not only what actually happened on that tragic day, October 8, 2009, when three people died as a result of what took place on our land. We have also wanted to share our process, what the profound learning experience has been for us. Most of all, we feel that others could learn through our experience, without having to go through it themselves. Every person has events in their life that are traumatic and that ask for resolution and integration. It is up to you, the reader, whether you may benefit from what we learned.

We share what we experienced around the sweat lodge incident itself, which has attracted global attention. In spite of the many details that have been distributed through the media, many people have an incomplete picture of what happened and are left with questions around why and how this could happen. Sharing our perceptions may paint a picture of the many aspects that makes sense.


We approach everything that shows up in our lives looking for the deeper meaning. This also applied in the sweat lodge incident. There are no single events in our lives. Everything is tied in with our soul journey. The event in 2009 was preceded by numerous situations that were leading up to it. The incident itself has put a string of new opportunities for growth in motion.

We share in the book many of the basic principles we live by and some of the tools we utilize in our process of learning and growing. One does not have to have the same principles or use the same tools to observe or be part of the way we walk our path. We invite you to walk with us as you are reading the book.

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