Principles, Perspectives and Beliefs

The following statements are a simple gathering of words and ideas gleaned from what we have incorporated into our day-to-day lives. We are using the events of October 8, 2009 as our permission slip to share them.

They have become the cornerstone of our lives and we offer them to those feeling a resonance with them. If you feel any of them can serve you, then by all means experiment with them. If they do not resonate with you, then just let them be where they are.


Abundance is my ability to do what I need to do when I need to do it!
For what shall I profit, if I gain the whole world, and I lose my own soul?
I would have Outer Wealth and Inner Poverty.


Everything happens for reasons that will serve me,
even when I do not yet know the how and the why!

Life is Meaningless! Life has no build in meaning!
It is my beliefs around Life and what happens to me
that determine my reality.
Life is only what I define it to be!

My Beliefs create / attract my experiences and my reality.
Then my experiences and my reality validate my beliefs!

I am free to create the beliefs that support the person I choose to be!

I did not come to Earth to Serve Others!
I came to Earth to remember and to express My True Natural Self,
and in fully expressing My True Natural Self
I will automatically be of service to others!

Change is easy, effortless, exciting and is my loving companion!

The Unknown is my friend!

ALL Truths are True for the people who hold them,
even when they are 180 degrees different than my own!

The Present creates the Past!
What I define myself to be today, creates a new past for that new person!

Only the present can free me of the past.
I cannot find myself by going into my past.
I find myself by coming into my present.
My past cannot survive in my Presence.
It can only survive in my Absence.
Body awareness keeps my in the present!

I am experiencing a New Reality – I am not changing the Old Reality!

I am a Multi-Dimensional, Spiritual Being,
experiencing an infinite number of Simultaneous, Co-Existing, Parallel Lives.

New Paradigms and New Realities come from Divine Downloads
into our Higher Selves! Not by thinking!


Excitement is the physical translation of the vibrational energy
of my True Natural Self!

Excitement & Passion are the reset buttons for realigning My Higher Self, My Brain, and My Physical Mind in the most appropriate alignment For Me
to Be My True Natural Self!

Is there Excitement, Ease, and Lightness
in what I am doing or contemplating doing?


My Higher Self is guiding me to fulfill Thy will – not my will!

Thank You for the Gift I am Giving Myself Through YOU!

Circumstances Do Not Matter and do not create my reality!
Only My State Of Being matters and does creates my reality!


I call Forth the Vision of My Soul!

I am always blessed, guided, protected, supported, and loved!

I always know what I need to know when I need to know it!
I always say what I need to say when I need to say it!
I always have what I need to have when I need to have it!
I am always where I need to be when I need to be there!

I create people on my path that support me in being my True Natural Self!

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